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Rate and Insurance

RATES (self-pay)


Clinic Private Acupuncture                                                                      $90

Package of three:                                                                      $261.9 (3% off)

Package of five:                                                                        $427.5 (5% off)

Package of ten:                                                                         $810  (10% off)

Initial Visit, Macular Regeneration:                                                           $220

Returning Visit, Macular regeneration double session:                      $110

Returning Visit, Macular regeneration single session:                        $60

Package also available for macular regeneration

Initial Consultation                                                                                             $50

Initial Consultation   for Complicated case                                              $110

Herb Consultation                                                                                              $ 65

Cupping:                                                                                                                 $35

Herbs:                                                                                                          $2-20/Day

Cupping Triple Therapy                                                                                    $160



We are in-network provider of insurance in the categories listed below:

Preferred One

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN

Medical Assistance



United Health (Optum)


Hennepin Health

Certain restrictions may apply depending on your insurance plan. For insurance

policy holder, your invoice will show both the billed amount and you payment. Please don't be confused by the billed amount. If you have any questions, please contact us and we are always here to help.

Out-of-network insurance policy

A lot of time, if your insurance policy such as Health Partners, Medica, is out-of-network to our clinic,  you pay the full amount in our clinic first, and then submit the receipts to the insurance companies, you will get full reimbursement.



We also accept personal injury claims:

  • Auto insurance

  • Workers’ compensation

If your insurance plan offers out-of-network coverage, we will assist in submitting claims and providing receipts if needed. Please feel free to call us to check on your in-network or out-of-network acupuncture coverage.


How to Pay

  • Payment/Co-pay/Co-insurance is due at the time of appointment. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and HSA (Health Saving Account) / FSA (Flex Spending Account) cards.

  • For non-insurance patients, we do offer packages at a reduced rate. Prices are listed above.

Help to receive your fair care


We tried every effort to apply for the in-network provider of some major insurance companies such as Health Partners and Medica. Unfortunately, we were told that their panel is closed. If you want your acupuncture treatment be covered by your insurance policies, please call insurance companies to enroll our clinic as in-network provider, and/or sign the petition form at our clinic, to protect your right of fair care. Thank you very much!


Our goal is to provide you the optimized recovery and a good long-term health.

For Medicare members

The current policy of Medicare is very unfair and unreasonable to professional acupuncturists. If acupuncture service is performed by a professional acupuncturist, it will not be covered by Medicare. However, if it is provided by some other professions such as a medical doctor or nurse practitioner who happens to have an acupuncture license, then it will be covered. 

Our clinic can not take a policy of Medicare only. But if you have Medicare and other insurance policies such as Ucare, United Healthcare, Medical Assistance, there is a very good chance that your acupuncture treatment will be covered. Please contact your insurance company to confirm your benefits. If you have difficulties, we can help.

To help our 80 million seniors and yourself to get Medicare benefits of acupuncture, please support the H.R.3133 by text message "Patient Campaign" to 52886, to ask your local lawmakers to support H.R.3133 .

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