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80 million patients cannot get access to professional acupuncturist

Professional acupuncturist only accounts for <5% all potential practitioner who is practicing acupuncture

Majority of patients don’t have access to licensed acupuncturist

<10% of acupuncture service is provided by professional licensed acupuncturist!

Acupuncturist has limited access to insurance policy

80 million seniors with Medicare cannot get access to professional acupuncturists.

Get “Acupuncture for our seniors” formerly HR4803, to make access to all healthcare system

Acupuncturists, if we don’t act, our profession may end in five years!, join your state acupuncture association:

The future of our medicine is up to you!

Let’s secure 80 million new patients and create jobs for the profession.

Please watch this video for more details:

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