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Rewrite the history of acupuncture in America together!

Everybody, let’s spend three minutes to rewrite the history of acupuncture in America together!

Take actions

Support H.R.4803 《Medicare coverage of acupuncturist service》!

Support MEDICARE to provide acupuncture insurance service to seniors!

Support acupuncture to go to America main stream!

Participate in the online co-signing event for congress person now!

Visit the co-signing website:

How to support?

A. Read the letter template below

B. Click the red “Start Here” button to fill in your personal information, we will find your U.S. Representative for your convenience

C. Sign the letter with your formal name (use the cursor if on a computer, use your finger if on a mobile device)

D. Read the “Agreement of Release Form” and check the respective box

E. Click the “Submit” button to finalize your support

We will create a PDF letter based on your response and submit your letter to American Alliance for Professional Acupuncture Safety (AAPAS). AAPAS will send the letter to your elected official in congress directly on your behalf. The signed letter will be emailed to you for your confirmation and records.

The future and destiny of the acupuncture profession in the United States is in the hands of each acupuncturist. Now is the best time to fight for the rights and interests of the acupuncture profession. Invite your patients, family members, and friends to participate in the online autograph activity, and mobilize members of Congress from every constituency to support the H.R. 4803 (Acupuncture Act for our seniors act), in Support of Congresswomen Judy CHU and congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

Realizing the blueprint for integrating acupuncture services into the standard American health care system as early as possible.

Please help forward to anyone interested!

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