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Methods of Replenishing Qi and Nourishing Yin for Lung Cancer

Dr. Jiaxiang Liu is the Principal Expert of China Clinical Cancer Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Shanghai Established TCM Doctor, and Founder of Chinese TCM Oncology Discipline. He is the first one in the country to generate the theory of “strengthening the body to treating cancer". His therapeutic effectiveness of advanced lung cancer is in a leading position of the field.

As early as the 1960s, he put forward the academic thoughts on cancer treatment by the TCM method of strengthening the body, attaching importance to "people-oriented", rather than killing cancer cells only (“Cancer cell-oriented); highlighting the combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, and rational use of the principle of strengthening the body and eliminating pathogens, so as to achieve the goal of "removing tumors and saving people" or "human tumors coexist", thus created a new idea and new method for treating malignant tumors with traditional Chinese medicine. For more than 50 years, Dr. Jiaxiang Liu has treated more than 500,000 cancer patients. He has a large collection of patients' medical records which showed strong evidence of cancer, including evidence of pathology diagnosis.

His team has studied a total of 6623 cases of lung cancer in clinical trials. A multi-center randomized controlled study in China has shown that the quality of life of patients has been significantly improved after the comprehensive treatment of Chinese medicine. A meta-analysis of 1574 randomized controlled studies showed that the 3- and 5-year survival rates of the TCM comprehensive treatment group were better than those of the chemotherapy group alone. After treating 1158 patients with postoperative non-small cell lung cancer with a comprehensive TCM regimen focusing on strengthening the body and clearing the residual pathogen, the median disease-free survival was 42.73 months. Among them, the median disease-free survival of patients with stage IIIa was significantly longer than that of the chemotherapy alone group.

The basic method of Dr. Jiaxiang Liu’s treatment of lung cancer is to replenish qi and nourish yin. Commonly used herbs are: Adenophora (Shashen), asparagus (Tiandong), Ophiopogon japonicus(Maidong), lily(Baihe), Rehmannia glutinosa (Shengdi), Scrophulariaceae (Xuanshen), turtle shell(Biejia), mulberry white bark (Sangbaipi), Trichosanthes (Gualou), bitter almond(Xingren), Stemona (Baibu) and Fritillaria (Beimu) etc.

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