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Recommend an impressive organization for new graduates of acupuncturist

Young Acupuncturist Association of America

Members who apply to join YAAA must meet at least one of the following conditions:

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner under age 50

2. TCM practitioner obtain license less than 5 years.

3. New TCM graduated student or student who is preparing TCM board examination

The Young Acupuncturists Association of America (hereinafter referred to as “YAAA”) is a Non-profit organization serving young or new Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) practitioners in the United States.

YAAA is an affiliated association with the American Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (hereinafter referred to as “ATCMA”). The association is guided and supervised by ATCMA.


· To provide an official platform for young/new Chinese medicine practitioners in the United States to assess and inherit classical traditional Chinese medicine knowledge.

· To assist young / new practitioners to establish clinics efficiently and successfully.


· To promote the comprehensive development of Chinese medicine in the United States by bringing in a new generation of practitioners.

Member Benefits

01 Expert Lectures

At least one special lecture from top experts every month. The content topics are tailored for young or new practitioners.

02 Monthly Case Studies

The academic department of the Association will organize an online case discussion every month. Each discussion will set a theme, and senior experts in this field will be invited to preside over the discussion. Members can provide their own cases for sharing and discussion.

03 Exclusive Discounts

The association cooperates with many Chinese medicine-related institutes/businesses to provide exclusive benefits for all members. All members can enjoy special discounts or gifts.

04 Referral Database

Members will have access to a database of member’s practice locations so that they may help recommend practitioners for patients who move or have friends and family with TCM needs in other locations.

05 License Preparation

The association has reached a cooperation agreement with professional NCCAOM / California license examination training institutes. We provide free examination training for test preparation members on a regular basis and provide exclusive discounts when registering for training courses.

06 "Outstanding Young Acupuncturist" Award

Every year, the association will select members to receive the annual outstanding young acupuncturist award for recognizing achievements and encouraging the growth and progress of young practitioners.

07 Other Benefits

In addition to the above points, the association also has many exclusive benefits for its members, such as online Q & A, clinic operation consultation and training, special insurance training and benefits for traditional Chinese medicine, employment recommendations for young practitioners, etc. As the association grows, the benefits we provide to our members will also continue to increase!


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